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Cab Guards

HR1 & HR2 Series Headache Racks, LR7& CR3 Series Cab Guards and Hydraulic

HR2 Series

We don’t cut corners…but you can! Our Steel-foot HR2 Series has no bulky lower frame, no upper frame welds, and no cast pieces, allowing us to offer the widest selection of standard options with increased turning clearance and superior strength!

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5' Steel Foot Headache Rack - Plain Checkerplate Backboard


5’ Rack c/w CT80 Full Tray & Two C22 Chain Hangers


5’ Rack c/w CT80 Full Tray & Three C22 Chain Hangers


5’ Rack c/w Recessed Chain Bucket, 2 Outer Recessed Tubs & Three C22 Chain Hangers


2 series rack 2 chain hngrs recessed buckets deck center cabinet w/ 2 shelves & mnt kit


2 series rack 2 chain hngrs recessed buckets deck center cabinet w/ chain bars & mnt kit


5’ Rack c/w Center Cabinet w/ Door, 2 shelves, 2 CT24 Trays & 2 C22 Chain Hangers

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