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Cab Guards

HR1 & HR2 Series Headache Racks, LR7& CR3 Series Cab Guards and Hydraulic


Check out our array of Wet Kits for our line of Racks and Cab Guards.

Every ACE Hydraulic Tank system:

  • Includes suction & return fittings, vented cap, temp/sight gauge & SS straps for mounting  
  • Conserves frame space for other uses (extended fuel tanks, storage boxes, pumps, APU, etc.)
  • Installs easily on a steel cradle using the same U-bolts as the Headache Rack

To see how our Hydraulic Tanks integrate with our Cab Guards, check out our Configurators.

Even more options exist than what we stock. Contact Us to get a customized solution for your specific requirements.

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Hydraulic Tank Cradle - supports hydraulic tank, steel - powder coated


Hydraulic Oil Reservoir, 30USG, checkerplate plain rectangular configuration


Hydraulic Oil Reservoir, 50USG, checkerplate plain rectangular configuration


Hydraulic Oil Reservoir, 70USG, checkerplate plain rectangular configuration


Hydraulic Tank Cradle - supports hydraulic tank, steel - powder coated

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