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Fuel Tank Caps - FTA

ACE Manufacturing is now offering a complete line of replacement fuel tank caps for all kinds of HD and MD diesel trucks and many OEM replacement caps!

We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for Fuel Tank Accessories from Oregon whose premium grade products provide both standard and custom designed Tank Components that meet and exceed NSC (Canada) and FMCSA (USA) requirements.

More options are available than are listed here. If you don’t see exactly what you need on this site, just CONTACT US to find out what else we have for what you need.

All Cap designs/styles are for diesel fuel tanks and have been "Drop Tested" to meet DOT qualifications for HWY Transportation Fuel Tank safety.

Ordering Notes:

  • All fuel caps are female thread style (unless stated else where)
  • Always measure the inside diameter (ID) of Fuel Cap for a more positive Identification if there is any question as to which Cap to use.
  • Always make sure and ask if the Tank is either Vented or non-Vented in order to Identify correct Vented or Non-Vented Cap. (note: a Vented Cap is made to work with a non-Vented Tank; it is also safe to use on a Diesel Fuel Tank that is already Vented) a non-Vented Tank Must have a Vented Cap to operate properly.
  • Should the Cap not be available to measure - measure the outside diameter (OD) of the Fill Tank Neck to determine inside Diameter (ID) of Cap.

Please note: Some Older Freightliner and Peterbilt Truck Fuel Tanks (Pre mid 1990's), also, many Western Star Tanks use a Threaded 3.5-5.5 NS Cap (Same as the Current Kenworth Class 8 Trucks) Though Steel Tanks are not as common in the HD Truck Industry as Aluminum, it is recommended to clarify whether the tank is Aluminum