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Deck Discovery Process

Over the years we’ve figured out a discovery process that gets us to the fun part as quickly as possible. 

When you call to inquire about a DECK please have the following information ready.

Round 1

  • Make, model and year of truck
  • Long box or short box
  • Dually or single rear wheel
  • Type of welder

Round 2

  • Are you switching from a skid to a deck?
  • Will this be your first deck or are you treating yourself to your dream deck?
  • If you’ve had decks before what things would you change if you could?
  • Is there something about your existing skid or deck that really bugs you?

Round 3

  • How long do you typically keep your trucks?
  • Will you want to transfer the deck to the next truck?

Round 4

  • What kind of welding jobs do you focus on (pipeline, mod yard, facilities maintenance, equipment repair, anything that rings the phone)
  • Do you want a rig designed around the minimum storage required to do a very narrow type of work?
  • ...or
  • Do you want to be able to carry every tool you’ve ever bought plus spares for half of them?

With this information already taken care of we can get right into how ACE can optimize our standard designs to best suit your requirements.