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Skid Specs


  • Major dimensions - 49”W at bottom – 59”W at top x 19.75”H x 76”L (Dodge short box slide-in base is 73-1/2”L)
  • Constructed from 3/16” 5052-H32 smooth aluminum
  • 6” standard or 8” optional channel riser box full length down the center to support the welder
  • Lifting lugs are incorporated to allow for overhead removal
  • Dual lay down oxygen bottle storage below the passenger side cabinet
  • Single acetylene bottle clamp at the rear corner
  • Passenger rear side allows for mounting of the torch reel
  • Oxygen and Acetylene bottle storage systems meet the requirements of Alberta Workplace Health and Safety Bulletin AL025 (Corrected) and are certified by a professional engineer
  • A large open storage compartment is incorporated below the driver side cabinet accessible from the center of the skid when the welder is rolled out
  • A narrow hidden compartment is accessible through the floor of the passenger side cabinet via a lift off lid


  • Each slope front cabinet is 48”W nominal (Dodge SB cabinets shorter)
  • Custom cabinet configurations available
  • Driver side cabinet includes a drop-down into the box
  • Passenger side cabinet has a flat bottom
  • Cabinets and doors made from 1/8” 5052-H32 smooth aluminum
  • Doors are top-hinged ACE full-style construction 
  • Each cabinet has a reinforced top for mounting fire extinguishers
  • Cabinets are bolted to the slide-in base to allow for future modifications
  • A bolt-on Window Guard is installed between the cabinets at the front to protect the truck cab