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Deck Specs


  • Deck top, sides, tailboard & bumper are from 1/4” 5052-H32 sheet.
  • Cabinets are from 1/8” 5052-H32 sheet
  • Cabinets are 30” wide x 58” high with straight lower section & sloped upper section.
  • Lower section door is side hinged with door check; upper section is top hinged and supported on a gas spring. Center compartment is accessed through a top opening door hinged at the front
  • Tailboard includes all required lights (round or oval lights available) and reflectors to CMVSS standards
  • Full vehicle lighting package to CMVSS standards with LED lamps. *Compartment lights available upon request.
  • Bolt-on fender flares with steps at front & rear
  • Includes 1/4” steel work plate painted on bottom on plastic isolation sheet