Portable Welding

You take pride in your profession and appreciate craftsmanship. You hold yourself to a high standard and expect the same of others.

You’ve been around long enough to know that the guy that shows up with a rig that looks like the Beverly Hillbillies is always under the microscope and is usually the first to go when things slow down.

When the time is right to take your rig to the next level you’re going to be spending your money, not the boss’s money, not the shareholder’s money, not the VP of Fleet Procurement’s budget - IT’S YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY! Choose a deck manufacturer that treats your project like an opportunity to collaborate on an interesting challenge not just an chance to turn some inventory.

Over the years we’ve learned that Portable Welding can mean a lot of different things. We go through a discovery process to really understand what kind of jobs you’re chasing (structural, facility work, pipeline, anything that rings the phone…) this helps us configure your deck or skid to suit you.

The decisions you make when you rig-up are going to determine how easy (or hard) your average day is for years to come. At ACE, we want you to have a solidly built rig that works well and looks even better. 

The ACE Welding Deck

  • Starts with your specific application and equipment
  • Designed around aluminum construction for maximized storage and strength
  • Can be built on a short-box or long-box platform

The ACE Welding Skid

  • Goes on or off in a 1/2 hour or less!
  • Available with self-contained jacking system
  • Allows you to use your truck investment for more than just work